Friday, May 27, 2011


Such great style the inuits have!

gloves for pirates, armless, deformed and more

by Freddie Robins

Woog X Triple-Major

Shanghai based artist Woog just has his solo exhibition titled "DI DAH DIT DI DI DAH" at Triple-Major. Through digital prints and videos, Woog explores and captures the displacement of medium, images, language, sound and as a result creating a completely new vernacular.

With curator of the exhibition, Kimi, from MW-Company.
For the exhibition, we collaborated with Woog to launch this Digital Print Series in T-shirts and bags, if you are interested in ordering one, simply email and we will let you know the purchase details.
A customer wearing one of the t-shirts already!
We also spotted some fun visitors and took a few snap shots of them: